Customized preventative Pest Control Services

Sunset Pest Solutions offers customized pest control solutions to each of our clients. Our expert technicians will come out to assess your specific situations and make a recommendation based on the environment and existing or past pest problems. NO TWO PEST CONTROL PLANS ARE THE SAME! Make sure you are protected from unwanted pests long term

What Is Included With Our Service

  • Inspection/monitoring structure for unwanted pests
  • Inspection/monitoring for rodents/insect entryways
  • Recommendations to correct conducive pest conditions
  • Interior and exterior treatments
The easiest way to control pests is to stop them before they cause any damage. Preventative pest control can protect your home or business from infestations, structural damage, harm to your pets, contaminated food, diseases, and more. Pests are much harder to take care of once they have settled into your space. Call Sunset Pest Solutions today to find out how you can protect your space from unwanted pests!